• Black Lives Matter

    Black Lives Matter
    I needed some time to compose my thoughts about the widespread pain, anger, and grief people are feeling across the country. I have been listening, I'm learning, I'm heartbroken, I'm mad, I'm also hopeful that our society has reached a long-awaited tipping point, and that justice and equality can now spread like wildfire.
    I am a white woman who is learning how much privilege and access I have been granted throughout my life, while many others have been mistreated, harassed, or killed for no reason other than the color of their skin. I know that I will never fully understand, but the one thing I do know is that now, more than ever, we all need to take a stand against racism.
    Things have to change. Black lives matter. We are all human beings who deserve love, respect, and protection.
    As a small business owner, I am grateful to not only show my support to the BIPOC community but to also get involved by donating to amazing organizations and fundraisers.
    I am honored to have designed a necklace that promotes justice, equality, and peace. 25% of the net proceeds made from The Equality Necklace will be donated to the Loveland Foundation.
    Five natural Garnet gemstones have been hand-selected to represent all the colors of racial equality.
    Garnet crystal is all about generating passion: passionate creativity, passionate sensuality, passionate living. As it’s important to have the grounding of a ‘safe space’ to bravely explore unknown ideas and uncharted passions, Garnet makes an ideal adventure partner as it helps you keep boundaries firmly established and respected while also removing inhibitions and blockages. An important ally in times of crisis, it’s no coincidence that Garnet jewelry reaches the heights of popularity after both world wars, as it helps heal and regenerate from trauma and chaos.
    Notes: Garnets occur in a vast variety of colors: Yellow, orange, peach, green, red, purple, brown, and pink.  It is both a traditional and Ayurvedic birthstone for January.
    We need to continue educating ourselves and share that knowledge with our children, families, and friends. It is more important than ever to teach our children about racism and how they have the power to teach others. Even when it’s uncomfortable. It is perseverance in the uncomfortable moments that will help us break the cycle.
    Here are some enlightening videos that have helped our family understand systemic racism, and I hope they will be helpful for you too.
    For children to understand the current social climate, I was grateful to share this with my daughter: https://youtu.be/YrHIQIO_bdQ
    CNN and Sesame Street hosted a town hall on racism for families to watch last Saturday, here are some highlights of the video: https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/06/us/cnn-sesame-street-town-hall-racism-trnd/index.html
    To find out more about the Loveland Foundation and their mission to serve, click here to learn more about this amazing foundation:
    May we all hope for connection, understanding, and empathy to emerge from the chaotic events of 2020. We need to help our country heal now.
    I promise to never stop listening, learning and loving.
    xo, Teressa
  • What is gold-fill?

    What is gold-fill?

    We get this question a lot and we wanted to share with you that gold-filled materials are an excellent alternative to solid gold, offering gold's characteristic warm yellow or blushing rose tones at a fraction of the cost. At the same time, gold-filled is more durable and retains more value than gold-plated pieces.

    Gold-Filled: What's in a Name?

    Despite how it sounds, gold-filled metal is not actually filled with gold. "Gold-filled" is simply an age-old term that became accepted in the jewelry industry. Today, gold-filled is a quality designation that's regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. To merit a "GF" stamp, the material must have a layer of gold that is at least 10-karat mechanically applied to a base metal; the karat gold layer must also be at least 1/20 (5%) of the item's total weight. All of Rio's gold-filled products have a 12-karat or a 14-karat gold layer and meet the federal quality standards established by the FTC.

    How Gold-Filled is Made and Labeled

    Gold-filled is made by heat- and pressure-bonding a thin layer of karat gold to a brass (or other base metal) core. The value of gold-filled is greater than gold-plated because gold-filled has an actual layer of karat gold, not just a microscopic film, as is the case with gold-plated items. The karat gold covering also significantly increases the tarnish resistance of the base metal substrate. Please note that gold-filled materials cannot be cast, and gold-filled casting grain does not exist.

    The "14/20" or "12/20" notation refers to the industry shorthand describing the resulting material. The first number is the karat purity of the gold used; the second number is the amount, by weight, of gold to the substrate material. "14/20" gold-filled material is made with 14-karat gold, and the gold represents 1/20th (or 5%) of the total weight of the material. You may occasionally see other notations, too; each will inform you about the material's make-up.

    Pretty cool, right?!

  • Hello to My Fellow Jewelry Lovers!

    Hello to My Fellow Jewelry Lovers!

    I am back in my production routine and back in the magic of being in my studio. I wanted to reach out to all my lovely followers and let you know I will be continuing to work and process orders for you all. It means so much to me that my jewelry can bring some joy and happiness in this time of seclusion.

    Keep an eye out on all my social media pages for a special inventory sale (☜ click) that I am testing out on my website starting now. I plan on throwing in a few sales and surprises too soon. 

    I hope everyone is staying inside, being safe, healthy and productive.

    Enjoy 25% off all regularly priced jewelry during this time. Use code: STAYHEALTHY

    xo, Teressa

    Thank You
  • Naming Jewelry

    Naming Jewelry

    I was chit-chatting with a good friend recently, telling her the story of how we name our Jewelry. By her reaction, it dawned on me that you may not know either and I wanted to share it with you also.

    Almost all of our designs are named after the first person who falls in love with them. We also design jewelry with someone in mind... for example, the L U C Y. Named after my daughter. A hand-formed soldered wire heart, hammered for texture and shine, floats between two pieces of dainty chain on the necklace and bracelet design and is also made into a ring. Each heart is unique and no two are alike...just like my beautiful daughter Lucy! 

    One of My 2020 Goals Is to Make Time to Reach Out More Often

    I think about it a lot and then the time just seems to slip away. I’m sure you know how that goes?!  With Valentines Day in my mind, I wanted to share my first email of the year with you on the story of the L U C Y design. 

    How is your 2020 going so far? Do you set goals, do you have any tips or tricks that you can share. I’d love to hear from you. It takes a village!