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with Teressa Lane bonded permanent jewelry

A welded jewelry experience

We are obsessed with the permanent jewelry movement and we’re so excited to be among the first to offer this unique experience. Come solo or bring a friend, partner, sister, mom or daughter for the ultimate symbol of love, friendship, commitment, intention and so much more.

This is a 20-minute session that’s quick, fun and totally painless. We create a special bracelet without a clasp in your choice of 14k gold, 14k gold fill or sterling silver. Choose from an assortment of chains, and we will custom fit your jewelry to your wrist and weld it on. It’s so much fun! 

If you need to remove the bracelet for some reason in the future, you can easily do so with a pair of scissors. (We bet you won’t want to, though!)

To book your appointment, a $40 non-refundable deposit is required. This deposit will be deducted from your total on the day of the appointment. Prices start at $68 for 14k gold fill and sterling silver and prices start at $98 for 14k gold. We charge a flat amount for our bracelet styles, regardless of wrist size.


Can I ever take it off?
Yes, your jewelry can simply be removed with a scissor at the welding point.

Does it hurt?
Not at all! Permanent jewelry is a painless process of welding the metal so no clasp is needed.

How long does it last?
Your permanent jewelry can last weeks, months, years - as long as you want! If your jewelry ever breaks or stretches, simply contact us to schedule a repair.

What about going through airport security?
TSA will not require you to take off permanent jewelry.

Where is your studio located?
We are in sunny Carlsbad, near Bressi Ranch:
5933 Sea Lion Place Ste. 107
Carlsbad, California 92010
Bonded jewelry is scheduled by appointment only.

How do I book an appointment?
Simply click the link below to book your appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to be at least 5 minutes early so we can check you in for your session! 


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