The Latest Scoop

Hello there!

Thank you for visiting my first blog! If you made it here, then you probably saw my email ;) 

Here is a little bit more about my story. I have been in business and growing for over 5 years now, mostly specializing in personalized jewelry but what most people don’t know is that for over 25 years every chance I get, I search for beads. Whenever I travel I’m constantly looking for a unique vintage, bead, or thrift store. I will drag anyone with me until they can’t take it anymore! I go to the Gem shows when they are in town and I hand select quality beads from all over the world. I meet the most amazing people and dream of traveling to all places that these beads come from. It just fascinates me that Mother nature creates such lovely gems. I don’t know how to explain it but beads just make me happy, really really happy! 

I fell in love with beads and making jewelry right out of high school while I was living in Northern California. On my days off from my waitressing job I would head to the local bead store in Humboldt to look, touch, and play with all the beads. The ladies working there were so nice and would help me turn my ideas into designs. Lately, things have been pretty busy and I haven't had the time to go bead shopping. So, I have been shopping in my own bead collection! I have storage bins (and bins and bins and bins...) It made me realize that I need to share these beautiful beads with all of you!

I am excited to announce that the launch of The Collector Collection will be available on October 1st. Only a certain amount will be released and each piece will be super special. Stay tuned!

xo, Teressa