est 2013

Teressa Lane Jewelry


One of Teressa’s earliest memories involves collecting beautifully polished river rocks near her home in Southern California. Looking back now, it’s clear that Teressa began her lifelong journey as an artisan and jewelry maker in that dry creek bed, inspired by the natural beauty of those jewel-like stones. 

This journey would eventually take her from Southern California to Northern California to Hawaii and back again. There’s no place in the world like the West Coast and Teressa infuses the freedom, wonder and sun-soaked beauty of this magical place into each unique piece of jewelry she creates.


From the first time a friend taught her basic wire wrapping skills more than 30 years ago, Teressa has eagerly devoured everything she could learn about wax casting, stone casting, silversmithing, metal cutting, fusing, hand stamping and hammering. Most recently, she has become an enthusiastic vanguard of the popular bonded permanent jewelry movement. 

When it comes to handmade jewelry, it’s the living and learning, the practicing and perfecting, and the giving and growing that can transform a piece of jewelry into a handcrafted experience. When you add a piece of Teressa Lane Jewelry to your collection, you’re getting a true piece of art, made by a real person, and imbued with an authentic story. Always.


In addition to expanding our offerings online, Teressa Lane Jewelry is taking the show on the road. We are now booking nationwide dates for pop-ups, shop takeovers, guest artist series, and Get Bonded with Teressa Lane permanent jewelry events.